Van De Wiele RUBBER n.v. is situated in Kluisbergen, Belgium and is a well-known name in the world of rubber components. It is an established name for quality, delivery reliability and good customer relationship. Along with te acquisition of the company by LR investments, a more future orientated dynamic was installed. There is ongoing process of investing in new production machines, and recently we build a brand new factory.

The company Van De Wiele RUBBER n.v. was founded in 1947, after that the bicycle repair man Van De Wiele, due to a lack new tires, began to the reshape the old ones, that led eventually to a new activity which was the production of all kinds of rubber products that were part of bicycles and motorbike construction.
Many of those parts were own designs, and even some of them became registered products, and were put on the market to compete with ‘Carideng’ who was market leader at that time.

The company Van De Wiele RUBBER n.v. did invest over the past years in specialized machines and became because of their high quality standards an established name for all users of rubber parts and profiles.
Van De Wiele RUBBER n.v. owns the classic injection press for technical shaped products. We also have extrusion machines with continuous vulcanization based on UHF (microwaves), in combination with a hot air oven, for the production of rubber profiles with customized lengths. As from 1995 there was diversification with the introduction of rubber machines and injection moulding machines for the production of parts in thermoplastic rubber.

Since 1998, we have a joint venture with Hungary.

On 1 September 2004, the company was acquired by LR investments, who invested in new injection presses (300 ton compressive force) and extrusion machines. They also purchased a CNC machining center for the production of moulds, complemented by the necessary CAD/CAM tools in order to make professional highly specialized moulds.

Van De Wiele RUBBER n.v. has an extensive list of references such as Volvo Trucks, DAF Trucks, Barco, Philips, AGC, Leroy Somer, Dhollandia, Kingspan, Sanitec, Sefar Fyltis, Richco, ….
The size of the production series starts from 10 to unlimited.

The strength of Van De Wiele RUBBER n.v. is the know-how for making the composition of the compound which are also produces within the factory.

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